play your favorite games and become smart at the same time
play your favorite games and become smart at the same time
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integrates with the best games and activities
gamesmartz and minecraft


Integrates learning with the PC version of Minecraft.

gamesmartz and world of warcraft

PC Games

World of Warcraft, League of Legends, DOTA, Rocket League, Team Fortress and hundreds of others.

gamesmartz and youtube


Integrates with YouTube, Social Media and other activities.

gamesmartz and clash of clans


Save up time and play your favorite games and activities such as Clash of Clans, texting with friends, etc.

view gamesmartz with games
Play your favorite games or activities and become Smart at the same time. Integrates learning into the top PC games and activities. Game Smarts integrates learning into games such as minecraft, world of warcraft, dota, rocket league and hundreds of others.
save up game time by memorizing facts
gamesmartz on a laptop
gamesmartz on a phone
gamesmartz save up time
Save up time by answering questions. Works on the PC and mobile. Also works in the browser on Mac os.
match up with your school learning
gamesmartz sample question 1
gamesmartz sample question 2
gamesmartz sample question 3
gamesmartz sample question 4
gamesmartz sample question 4
gamesmartz match up with school
Match up GameSmartz with what you are studying in school. Choose your subject and grade and match up GameSmartz to what you are currently studying. You can also create a custom test. If you have a test coming up, create a custom test to quiz yourself.
keep track of student progress
gamesmartz graph of student progress
gamesmartz graph of student progress
Get a text message when studying starts and when it stops. Stay on top of things. Also keep track of student progress with an optional daily report.
everyone wins

Win / Win

Its a win, win... he gets more screen time and I get more study time... Great!


As long as he is studying material relevant to his studies I let him play beyond his normal game time. No more fighting over additional game time.. Thanks!

On Behalf of Our Family

As long as he matches GameSmartz up with what he is learning in school, and I see the progress, he gets more games. On behalf of all of us, trust me on this, thank you!

You must be Kidding

Play more video games and get better grades... you must be kidding...

Everyone wins. The students get more game time and parents get more study time. Its the ultimate win / win.
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