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An upward force on an object due to differences in pressure.
The force that causes an object to move in a circle.
Dota 2
The atomic orbital number of protons in an atom's nucleus.
The amount of matter in an object.
Rocket League
Match these chapters to the chapter you are on in school.
Students were given a fill in the blank test on facts they did not previously know. They scored 12%.
Test before using Game Smartz
Afterwards they retook the same test scoring an average of 83% correct.
Test after using Game Smartz
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I answered only 4 science questions correct but after I answered them all! -Mia
Before studying I was able to give maybe two correct answers. But after I was able to answer almost 90% correctly! -Ryan
After playing games I re-took the same test and the result was impressive. I only had 5 incorrect answers compared to 0 correct before. -Tim