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Game Smartz is a learning overlay compatible with Minecraft, YouTube, Twitch, Dota 2, Amazon Video, Netflix, Rocket League, Chrome, all streaming platforms and more.
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Students see an Average 83.3% increase In Test Scores in the Same Pre-Test vs Post-Test After Using Game Smartz.
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Incredible, it only took me one or two times to memorize the answers!
The app is a great, and fun way to study and play games at the same time!
Woah! The test was so interesting, entertaining, insightful and educational all at the same time. I had fun and was learning a lot!
The option to view answers if not sure, and then again having the chance to answer them is fantastic, it works well.
It really helps to learn interesting things and be a master in any selected chapter, all while having a fun time.
The best thing is that the visuals & graphics are very interactive. Thanks!
The tests are simple but also hard enough to keep you focused.
Great software to study and memorize, easy to use!
A very fun way to study, I learned a lot about Early US History.
The pictures in the questions helped me remember the answer, the graphics are easy to understand.
It helped refresh my mind with what I've already learned, and helped me learn more.
Answering is not boring even though I encountered the questions multiple times, because of the pictures.
The learning is interesting and exciting, I enjoyed the repetitive aspect.
The whole experience was awesome.
The images in each question are good, it makes it entertaining and engaging.
It is not just fun but very educational!
I learned many new things and was a good reminder of some I had already forgotten.
I had no idea of some info of the tests, but after viewing them one or two times, I could easily remember them.
It is always nice to learn new things from the chapter and refresh my memory.
It is an effective way for me to master the subject within a short amount of time.
Answering the questions is fun!
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