Minecraft + Game Smartz
Question: An upward force on an object due to differences in pressure.
Minecraft + Game Smartz.
Game Smartz is popular among parents because it turns game time into study time.
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Dota 2 + Game Smartz
Question: The force that causes an object to move in a circle.
Dota 2 + Game Smartz.
Raft + Game Smartz
Question: The atomic orbital number of protons in an atom's nucleus.
Raft + Game Smartz.
Rocket League + Game Smartz
Question: The amount of matter in an object.
Rocket League + Game Smartz.
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In large scale testing, students were given a fill in the blank test on facts they did not previously know.
They scored 12%.
Test before using Game Smartz
Then they used Game Smartz for 1 hour. Afterwards they retook the same test.
They scored an average of 83% correct.
Test after using Game Smartz
A fun and simple way to learn about Science or American History! -Jhonatan
I answered only 4 science questions correct but after Game Smartz I answered them all! -Mia
Before studying I was able to give maybe two correct answers. But after using Game Smartz I was able to answer almost 90% correctly! -Ryan
After studying with Game Smartz I re-took the same test and the result was impressive. I only had 5 incorrect answers compared to 0 correct before Game Smartz. -Trung
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