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Learn How Game Smarts Works
integrates with the best PC games
Game Smarts and Minecraft


Integrates with the PC version of Minecraft.

Game Smarts and PC Games

Best Games

League of Legends, DOTA, WOW, Rocket League, Trove, Roblox

Game Smarts and YouTube


Integrates with YouTube and Any Browser.

Game Smarts and Mobile


Integrates with the PC version of Fortnite.

Game Smarts with Games
Play your favorite Games or Apps and become Smart at the same time. Integrates learning into the browser and top PC games. Everyone wins. The student gets more game time and parent get more study time. Its the ultimate win / win.
match up with your school learning
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Sample question 2
Sample question 3
Sample question 4
Sample question 5
Match up with school
Match up Game Smarts with what you are studying in school. Game Smarts has pre-built modules that match up with what you are learning in school or create a custom test and quiz yourself. Play your favorite games and get better grades? No, this is not a joke, this is Game Smarts. =)
stand alone mode
Game Smarts on a Laptop
Game Smarts on a Phone
Works in stand alone mode in a web browser.
PC / Mac or Mobile.
keep track of student progress
Game Smarts graph of Student Progress Large
Game Smarts graph of Student Progress Small
Parents: Get a text message when Game Smarts studying starts or stops. It's up to your student to integrate the learning into their game time. If not you get a text message saying that they have stopped using Game Smarts, it's as simple as that.
everyone wins

Win / Win

It's a win, win... he gets more game time and I get more study time... Incredible! He’s feeling more confident in school and i'm sure it will translate into better grades... - Mom


As long as he is studying material relevant to his studies I let him play beyond his normal game time that was already generous. No more fighting... Thanks! (He thanks you as well.) - Dad

Best Ever

I was a sceptic, when we starting using Game Smarts I had him do a pre-test, then I tested him after.. He increased dramatically, im sold. I cant stop telling people about it. Thanks!!! - Customer for Life

You must be Joking

Play more of his favorite video games and get better grades... If this wasn't such a good idea, I would think it was a joke. But after hearing about it and doing it myself, it's just brilliant. Thank You! - Mom

Everyone wins. The students get more game time and parents get more study time. Its the ultimate win / win.
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Match Learning to Class
Earn more Game Time
Earn Levels and Ranks
How GameSmarts Works
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